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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  July 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, two days and counting. in less than 48 hours the democratic national convention opens in south philadelphia. and today presumptive nominee hillary clinton made her first appearance with her newly announced running mate. but that's not the only thing heating up right now. oppressive heat and humidity are gripping our region once again and it's not letting go. today felt like triple digits in some spots. good evening. it may have felt like 100 today, but we could actually hit triple digits next week and this dangerous weather isn't going anywhere any time soon. within the past hour, strong storms moved through parts of our area. check out this downpour in old city. some as you see here had umbrellas, but others were caught off guard by the rain. here's a live look over center city right now. you can see the rain and the raindrops still coming down. peco is reporting more than
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11,000 power outages. ac electric has more than 1400 and pse & g has 1300 outages. meteorologist karen thomas is here with more on this excessive heat and, karen, is there any chance we could see more of these storms popping up? >> yes, denise. we have to take the storm seriously for sure. we just dropped our severe thunderstorm warning for philadelphia county, but heavy rain cells are still moving through the city of philadelphia. meanwhile, severe storm warnings are up for parts of burlington county, camden county, parts of atlantic county as well as gloucester county. we can see radar right now, we also have a severe thunderstorm warning box here in delaware for parts of kent county as well as parts of southern newcastle county. some of the storms are severe, and by that we mean could create some lightning, hail, even 60-mile-per-hour winds and some heavy rains. we're seeing here in new jersey there are plenty of lightning strikes just passing over heading to the southeast, just
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passing over 206 headed for the shore area of atlantic county and parts of southern ship bottom, so if you are at the shore in parts of atlantic county headed down to cape may county, you want to take these storms seriously, simply because they are popping up very, very quickly. it's along the line of a prefrontal boundary that really just propped up and because of the unstable air mass, we are seeing these storms just popping. they will calm down as we get to night fall and the unstable air mass gets just a little cooler. i'll be back with more on the heat in just a bit. and a super steamy day down the schuylkill river. the philadelphia youth regatta had to shorten some of the races because of the extreme heat. randy jillgyllenhaal was out wi people as they tried to beat the heat today. >> it is hot. >> reporter: when she arrived back in her home from a long vacation -- >> went to turn on the air and it didn't work. >> reporter: the daunting
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realization that her air conditioning was broken and the heat heat wave had just arrived in full force. >> it's been brutal. we've been tempted to sleep in the basement because it's cooler down there. >> reporter: after a few miserable nights, repair texas arrived. the guys at air done right are having the busiest week of the whole year. >> swap-outs and installs every single day. they're not able to take these high stress points, so we have to take them out, put in new ones. >> reporter: across the region, the same story. suffocating heat and humidity. officials in philadelphia opening the hot weather line. >> all right, it looks like it is scheduled. >> reporter: giving tips to families and the eldery suffering without ac, but this week the city is also warning visitors, including thousands here for the dnc. >> this weekend and this week coming up is tough because we have a lot of visitors that may not know the city that well and that's a scary environment, because you have high temperature outside. >> reporter: and already independence hall is packed with
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tourists and visitors. most of the delegates arrived this weekend. and when the dnc kicks off on monday, temperatures will still be around 100 degrees. >> well, we drank a lot of water today. it was super hot. >> and that was randy gyllenhaal reporting. if you have to head out in this heat, download the nbc 10 app. you can get weather alerts sent straight to your phones so you can stay on top of this weather. we also have tips to help you stay cool in this dangerous heat. please join me in welcoming the next vice president, my friend, senator tim kaine. >> the 2016 democratic presidential ticket debuted today in miami, and in a few days hillary clinton and senator tim kaine will be here in philadelphia along with tens of thousands of people for the democratic national convention. nbc 10's andrea kline thomas has more on the final preparations and the arrival of some of the
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delegates. >> the democratic national convention isn't set to begin until monday, but the people's convention is already in full swing. >> it's an opportunity for the people to say these are the things that we care about. climate change, racial justice, money out of politics. >> they stopped by, bernie sanders delegates who just arrived from texas. >> i feel really positive about what's going to happen here. there's some things we're disappointed about, but i hope overall it's a great convention. >> after two and a half years of planning, the stage is set and it's finally show time for the city of philadelphia. >> we have a great sense of satisfaction, but this is like the super bowl. >> and that was andrea kline thomas reporting. today's vp announcement is just the start of the momentum building up to the democratic national convention. that convention will feature a mix of speeches, the ratification of the latest party platform and plenty of
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entertainers rallying support. ♪ >> stepping out as team clinton and kaine for the first time, the democratic ticket of hillary clinton and tim kaine on stage in florida. it comes a day after clinton announced her running mate and two days before the start of the democratic national convention. >> he is qualified to step into this job and lead on day one. and he is a progressive who likes to get things done. >> reporter: the dnc lineup is taking shape. on monday, first lady michelle obama and senator bernie sanders speak to supporters. tuesday the political headliner is former president bill clinton. and president obama and vice president biden take the stage wednesday. hillary clinton wraps up the convention on thursday. the list of democratic a-listers
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would not be complete without the celebrities supporting them. those bringing buzz to the campaign trail who announced through social media and elsewhere they're coming to town -- ♪ include fergie, who is headlining a charity benefit show in philadelphia during the convention. actress eva longoria who says she's attending the dnc. clinton supporter snoop dogg, who will be performing at a concert following the final night of the dnc. and lady gaga and lenny kravitz will be performing in camden for the dnc crowd hours before clinton will accept the party's nomination for president. >> and some of these entertainers and actors will try to help clinton appeal to the younger voters. count on nbc 10 as your station to watch for coverage of the democratic national convention. we'll broadcast live from the wells fargo center every day until the convention ends on thursday. we'll also broadcast a nightly one-hour special starting monday to get you set for the event
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each night. the family of a jersey shore man killed by police is getting a $2 million settlement. the 36-year-old was shot by two officers back in 2014. a grand jury decided not to indict the officers last summer for shooting reed after he refused to stay in his car, but his family reached a tentative agreement in their federal lawsuit that now needs approval from a judge. new details about a deadly hit and run in south philadelphia last night. police say homicide charges are expected against a driver who hit a family on the sidewalk and then drove away. police say the suspect's car was first hit by a minivan at 21st and jackson, forcing the car onto the sidewalk. the mother was killed, the father and 2-year-old boy suffered minor injuries. the driver of the minivan and three of its passengers were hospitalized and are expected to be okay. up next, one place to go to keep cool for free during this
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dangerous stretch of weather. and thousands of acres are burning out west, but firefighters are battling more than just the flames. we'll have the latest on efforts to contain the inferno and get people back into their homes. plus, hundreds of local families got bigger today as nbc 10 helped clear local animal shelters. it was certainly a success. we'll tally up the numbers of adoptions still ahead.
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hundreds of firefighters are battling a massive wildfire in southern california right now. the so-called sand fire in santa clarita burned more than 11,000 acres since it broke out yesterday outside los angeles. the fast-moving fire has been fueled by triple-digit temperatures and strong winds. people living in more than 300 homes have been forced to leave.
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no injuries have been reported. nbc 10 goes to the dogs and cats today. up next, a look at how many animals found loving new homes today. and take a dip without paying a buck. the one place in our area that's letting people cool off for free this weekend. karen? >> well, denise, isolated severe storms move through our area. i'll be back with all your weather details to let you know if we can expect a cool-off. have the umbrellas handy.
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finding a forever home. that was the goal of clear the shelters today. more than 3,000 animals were up for adoption across the area. as nbc 10 sheena parveen shows us, hundreds of people came out looking for their perfect match hours before the doors even opened. >> i would say that today will be the most important day that we've ever had in terms of adoptions. it will be the most adoptions
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that we ever do and it will be the most families that understand how important pet adoption is. so this will by far be a record-breaking day for providence animal center. >> kittens and puppies were a big hit, as well as loveable older dogs. the heat of the day didn't stop the crowds before the meet and greet before the animal can go to their permanent home. this is an important event for dogs like thor because he's also opening space for another rescue dog to come in so that dog can find a dog as well. >> with so many adoptions today, many more dogs and cats on a waiting list now have a space at the shelter, and more space means more smiles. >> i am very excited to have my little brucy here. he is so timid and shy and yet he had surgery just a few days ago. >> we're just looking, but they say that they pick you. he just went up to the cage and
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she came over and started playing with him. that's how we knew. >> i feel great. i've always like said i wanted to adopt a dog and this whole like clear the shelters event came at the perfect time. we were so ready to get another dog so it happened perfect. it just worked out really great for us, so we're really happy. >> 35 shelters around the area participated in today's event. improving the lives of animals in need as well as their new owners. >> a lot of connections made. that was sheena parveen reporting. we are proud to announce that 959 animals were adopted from our area shelters today, but those numbers are still coming in and that brings the total number of adoptions for clear the shelters campaign to nearly 4,000. to keep track of the total and see pictures of the animals, come to our website, well, swimmers are jumping in for free at allentown public pools this weekend. the city is waiving fees at all city pools during this heat wave and any other time when there's an excessive heat watch this summer. the mayor says the city is happy
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to help people get a break from the heat. and if you cannot be in the water, how about on the water? that isn't a bad choice today. we found people boating and enjoying other water sports out on the river in bristol, bucks county. karen thomas is here with more on this dangerous heat. it's sweltering out there today, karen, and the storms moving through our area. >> absolutely. the water was a great way to cool off today, but if you're in the water and hear rumbles of thunder, you definitely want to get out and get indoors because we do have isolated severe storms moving through the area. very patchy for sure, but heavy rain, lightning and gusty winds all reported with these systems. right now a cell is just moving through where there's a thunderstorm warning box right now for parts of atlantic county and burlington county just headed for parts of southern ship bottom. but yes, we're also contending with an excessive heat warning in the hot pink areas here you see until monday at 6:00 p.m. that means we're going to get more of the same tomorrow.
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slightly less humid tomorrow but still temperatures in the 90s. look what the isolated storms have done to our temperature readings currently. we see it's down to 75 degrees here in coatsville because the storm is coming right on through and pulled in a little drier, cooler air there. however, allentown not so much. still 95 and oppressive. 95 in trenton. cooled off a bit at 82 degrees right here in philadelphia. and look at mt. holly, 78 degrees, but still 90s just about everywhere else, but wilmington, that had a storm go through and again behind these storms pulling in a little drier, cooler air. but those temperatures will be bumping up again come tomorrow. this is what it feels like out there tomorrow. so if you're curious as to why it feels like 86 in philadelphia but it feels like 94 in allentown, it's simply because we see those isolated storms. it's maybe not even raining in parts of the lehigh valley where it's storming down at the shore. so right now we do have the storm clouds moving very quickly
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through philadelphia, 82 degrees. we expect that to clear out. we could even see some sunshine before sundown, 86 degrees, and then 83 degrees with some cloud cover tonight. taking a look at the big temperature trend picture, dangerous heat. here's 87 degrees. this is where we should be this time of year. we started out yesterday at 94 and we're just going, going up. we could get close to 100 degrees in philadelphia come monday, 95 degrees again on tuesday, but we factor in that humidity and it feels like triple digits. so that's why we've got that excessive heat warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. on monday. here's your ten-day outlook and we'll take you all the way through. unfortunately, no relief in sight really for the temperatures, at least until we get to the end of the week. and we start our next weekend here. but then we do get a bit wetter. we should stay dry with the exception of a passing late-day thunderstorm monday into tuesday. that's a cold front coming
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through, so that does look likely that some of those storms could be strong. we'll keep an eye on that. but in the meantime, you want to take caution with this excessive heat that's going to continue tomorrow, monday and tuesday. find a way to cool off. i'm from comcast sportsnet. eagles training camp kicks off monday for rookies, qbs and selected vets. that means carson wentz will take the field for his first training camp, but what does charles barkley think of the second overall pick? find out, next.
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time to check in with kate snow for a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news. good evening, kate. >> hi, good evening, denise. coming up tonight, much more on hillary clinton's first appearance today with her running mate. just who is tim kaine, as donald trump immediately goes on the attack and we head to your town of philly.
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plus new information about the german teenager who shot and killed nine people in munich, what authorities are now saying about his background. also, why police departments big and small are struggling across the country to hire enough officers to fill their ranks. and we're going to take you down south to an island where wild horses roam, but where the landscape faces big changes off of maryland when we see you in just a few minutes for "nbc nightly news." we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, kate. hey, mike del fraung owe was not in the phillies lineup this afternoon. he took a pitch off the left wrist last night. he is sore according to the manager and is day to day. training camp begins tomorrow for eagles rookies, qbs and select veterans. carson wentz will be on the
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field and they plan to bring him on slowly. charles barkley is on with that plan. >> he played at north dakota state but there's got to be a level of adjustment playing for him. they have a great lower program but it's not like they play in the s.e.c., so i hope they don't throw the kid out there and rush him and he starts going downhill and is not ever able to recover. >> meanwhile, the clock is ticking for the flyers to get a deal done with braden shin. he has an arbitration hearing scheduled for monday. our flyers insider is reporting the flyers are offering shin a two-year deal with $4.2 million the first year and $4.3 million in the second year. shin's camp is asking for more money up front, $5.5 in year one. that is your look at sports. >> we've got the storms and excessive heat that we're dealing with right now, karen. >> hopefully everybody found a cool spot today, but if you are in the pool or down at the beach, you need to heed the
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warning because we've got some severe storms, isolated as they are. but denise, they're firing up really fast. we've been watching this for the last hour and a half. here's the latest doppler radar picture and the yellow box is a severe thunderstorm warning. those boxes should be out of here by 7:00. if you look at new jersey and southern jersey, you see the red and the yellow, a lot of lightning strikes there and heavy rain that's moving through parts of burlington county and atlantic county. so northern atlantic city, southern ship bottom, if you're down there on the shore of the boardwalk, you want to get indoors. the good news here, the storms are moving very, very quickly so it shouldn't be very long if you have to duck inside. you shouldn't be waiting there very long. the same is true for parts of central delaware. look at that just south of newcastle county into kent county, a lot of lightning strikes associated with that system right there. so we've got the square posted there to let you know what we mean by severe storms. potential lightning, potential
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hail. 60-mile-an-hour plus winds and heavy rain all associated with these. they're very isolated, meaning may not even be raining in your neighborhood, but other places could be getting some severe weather, so if you hear rumbles of thunder and are thinking, oh, i'll be fine, get indoors and you want to stay safe. those storms should be calming down as we get closer to night fall and the unstable air mass cools off just a bit. we are seeing some area temperatures cooling down where those heavy pockets of rain pulled through because it is bringing in a little bit of a drier mix, a little bit of a cooler air mass, but for the most part we are going to be bouncing in philadelphia and across the region back into the mid to upper 90s tomorrow. we'll feel just a slight difference in the humidity tomorrow. it might feel just a little better, but we are not looking for a cool-off by any measure. still in the excessive heat warning for most of the region until monday at 6:00 p.m. look at this as we take you all
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the way out. my goodness, it is feeling like summertime at least until next weekend. >> all right, karen, thank you. before we go we want to tell you about a rehabilitated sea turtle that was released back into the ocean off the florida keys today. believe it or gnnot, he's now gearing up for a big race. this is fleming, the sea turtle. veterinarians nursed him back to health after he got tangled in fishing gear. now fleming and 13 others are getting ready to compete with the tour de turtles. it follows the migration of turtles and the turtle that covers the most distance wins. for all of us here, we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, running mate. hillary clinton and tim kaine make their first appearance together painting a sharp contrast with donald trump, who wasted no time launching a counterattack. out of control. a fast growing wildfire burning thousands of acres and forcing hundreds from their homes in california. deadly mall attack. disturbing new information about a german teenager's attack. he lured his young victims to mcdonald's to shoot them. and rising tide. saving an island where wild horses roam as rising waters threaten a national treasure.


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